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Interview of Farid Khalilov, president of "Azerrail" volleyball club, to website

- You won easily in both games of the Super League held in Guba. Did you expect this?
- I wouldn't say easy. The game against "Murov" was difficult. Because two new volleyball players came to them recently. It was unclear to us what kind of players they were. We already know what they are capable of. It was quite a tough fight. True, the first meeting was a little easier. We played with a team that was ranked at the bottom of the tournament table. UNEC, assembled almost from scratch, was absent for a long time. The collective of experienced and inexperienced volleyball players in this team has not yet been fully adjusted. I believe that UNEC will achieve better results in the future. We prepared very seriously for the meeting with "Murov". We knew there would be surprises. And so it happened. Our players again did their best for the best result.

- What feelings did you have when you were behind 12:17 in the first part of the meeting with "Murov"? Did you have confidence that you will win that part?
- In women's volleyball, the issue of stress is very intense. After losing certain points, it is up to the head coach to organize a normal game for them. Famil Agayev gathered the team at that time and showed himself very well. The girls believed in themselves and won. It is a team sport. Nothing depends on one player. I think a lot depends on the head coach in such situations.

- After the first 4 matches, you have signed the maximum score. Did you expect such a successful start on the eve of the start of the championship?
- The interesting thing is that almost all teams were created from scratch. However, the first games showed that "Azerrail" is performing successfully and everything is going well. The results in the friendly matches already gave us confidence. The championship matches also showed that the girls communicate well with each other.

- Will it be easy to follow the winning streak, or will the fight heat up more and more?
- As I said earlier, there are new volleyball players in "Murov". They have no experience of playing together with others. In the next matches, they will have the same experience and they can play a completely different game. Frankly, I am still a little afraid of the game of "Murov". I'm afraid to say something. But we can plan certain things as there will be no changes in the squad of some teams.

- "Azerrail" has always been the flagship of our volleyball. Can it be said that "Azerrail" is returning to its former days?
- Hopefully, he will return to the past and show even higher results. It is too early to talk about repeating the results of that time. But I believe that we will not only reach them, but even more.

- Can you be considered a champion from now, or is it too early for that?
- Something can change in sports at any time. The temperament and stress of girls are very different from men. Therefore, it is difficult to say anything. But I believe in my team, that their suffering will have a positive outcome.

- "Murov" dropped to the 4th place after losing to you with a score of 0:3. You talk more about this team, but you don't mention the name of "Absheron", which has the same score as "Azerrail". Do you not consider them as serious competitors?
- "Absheron" was the only team we lost 1 set in the remaining 4 games. But we already know the game of "Absheron". I expect surprises from "Murov". I don't know how the girls will react to these surprises. "Murov" is the team I avoid more than this. There are more innovations there. After a month, they can show a different game.

- There are 3 foreign volleyball players in your team and you have the right to attract one more player. Is it possible for us to make it happen on the eve of the playoffs?
- The team has already been formed. But we have started certain negotiations with the head coach that we should insure ourselves. For example, we don't have an alternative in attack, we depend on a volleyball player in front. I never like this kind of addiction. We must be ready for every situation. In sports, some kind of injury can happen accidentally. If that happens, we don't want to be without a striker. In this regard, we consult with the head coach. There is very little time left. A new player can join the team.

- For the first time, the men's team of "Azerrail" is also participating in the championship. Will you focus on women, or will men be given equal attention?
- In our men's team, we have placed mainly young people. We do not expect victory from them now. They still need to gain experience. The team has won 2 out of 4 games, which is quite a good result. I believe that the continuation of the successful speech will come. They gain experience, mature, and make a better impact game by game. This is a happy thing. I see constant improvement in his training. All of them are children gathered from regions. I am doing my best to make this project a success.

- "Azerrail" has always been known as a women's volleyball team. Agree that somewhere there is a sense of favoritism towards men.
- Yes, "Azerrail" was always known as a women's team. But now I want it to be recognized as a winning team of both women and men. I believe that he will succeed